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A Scanner That Never Bogs Down Your Website

The lightweight scanner won’t bog down your website speed. Its unified approach in detecting viruses and unwanted applications makes it an ideal solution for robust performance.

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Hacked Websites Fixed in Less Than 60 Seconds

Our automated process conducts behavior analysis to identify malicious activities that cause significant damage and instantly detect malicious codes while you stay in control of your site.

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Protection in Real-time from all Threats with our Firewall

A firewall that provides comprehensive protection catching minor and major security breaches. This helps boost website performance with enhanced ability to gain full recovery and other benefits like improved rankings on search engines.

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Protected from Hidden Malware, which sets You up for Google Blacklisting and Webhost Suspension

Search engines take a proactive approach in identifying websites infected with viruses. Once a site gets flagged, it can cause severe damages without giving the owner much time to recover. We have a straightforward fix to prevent this from happening.

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Destroy Malware, Not Your Website

Our program effectively identifies the source and clean infected website files in the background without disrupting on-going processes to ensure your website keeps functioning normally.

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360° Comprehensive WordPress Security Plugin




What are the best WordPress security services?

WP Live Support is an all in one security service packed with essential features including website hardening, deep scans, admin security, backup solution, web firewall, password security, and more.

Is Wp live support compatible with backup plugins?

WP Live Support frequently updates its program files to avoid compatibility issues. Rest assured, it is fully compatible with backup plugins and other add ons.

Does Wp live support have DDOS attacks protection?

Yes, WP Live Support protects against DDoS attacks by minimizing the damage, scaling up computation resources, detecting abnormal behavior in web traffic, and by employing other critical procedures to keep your website secured.

Will wp live support need my login URL to secure my site?

No, you are not required to provide your login URL. Our system works from within your website and does not need remote access.